About Yarmouk University

Faculty of Shari’a and Islamic Studies

The faculty of Al-Sharee’a and Islamic Studies was established in 1990, to achieve the objectives of higher education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in an attempt to fulfill the university goals to serve the nation.
 The main objectives of the faculty are:
  • The spread of Islamic genuine culture and to deepen the Islamic doctrine and its spiritual and moral values, and to pay more attention to the Islamic and Arabic culture. (paragraph H, Article 4 from Jordan Universities Law).
  • To serve the Arab local Islamic community through providing it with qualified graduates in Islamic studies.
  • To link the university with local community through the participation in various Islamic activities.
  • Providing the community with qualified experts in the call for Islam. The contribution in solving the contemporary problems faced by the community.
To achieve these goals, two departments were established in 1992/1993:
  1. The department of Fiqh & Islamic Studies; which includes Al-Fiqh and its origins and the call for Islam and Islamic Studies.
  2. The department of Islamic origins; which includes the Quranic Studies and Al-Sunna, and Islamic Comparative Studies.
 The Deans Council -in its decision no. (1/20001) dated on (8/1/2001)- decided to restructure the departments of the faculty of Al-Sharee’a and Islamic Studies as follows:
  1. The department of Al-Fiqh and its origins which awards BA and MA degrees in the specialization of Al-Fiqh and its origins.
  2. The department of Islamic origins which awards BA and MA degrees in the specialization of Islamic origins. It also awards PhD degree in the philosophy of Quranic Interpretation and Quranic Studies and the PhD in the  philosophy of Al-Hadeeth Al-Shareef and its studies.
  3. The department of Islamic studies, it awards BA degree in Islamic studies in three streams:
    • The Islamic Education stream
    • The Family Studies stream.
    • The Call for Islam & Islamic mass media.
This department also awards the MA & PhD degrees in Islamic Education.
  1. The department of Economy and Islamic Banking, it awards BA, MA and PhD degrees in Economy and Islamic Banking. The establishment of this department came to being as a response to local community need to qualified graduates in this field. The department developed its curriculum plans to fit the needs of the market. The department includes a number of qualified experts.
The faculty is provided with two labs; one for Al-Tilawa and the other for Al-Hadeeth Al-Shareef, in addition to a computerized library.
The faculty now has 63 members in the academic staff (full, associate, lecturers, teacher assistant), in addition to 13 administrative employees, office clerks, building observer. (4) candidates are now doing their PhD research abroad. The BA program has 1265 students, the MA program has 310 students and PhD program has 184 students.
The faculty holds the responsibility of administrating the activities of the university mosque such as Friday preaches and various Islamic discussions during the year.
To achieve the faculty goals, the academic staff keeps in touch with the local community through visiting schools, clubs and mosques in different kingdom areas to give lectures as a response to various Islamic occasions.
The faculty includes the chair of Al-Shaikh Saleh Adallah Kamel for Islamic Economic Studies.
The computerized library includes high technology computers. It is divided into sections:
  1. The Electronic Computerized section, which includes two separate halls; one for the girls and the other for boys.
  2. Al-Hadeeth section, which contains a number of Al-Hadeeth books used as text books.
The students can do the following through the Electronic section:
  1. Get benefit from all software and Islamic Encyclopedias in their study and research. These software covers all Islamic sections which are: Al-Tafseer program, the Golden Encyclopedia, the 1000 library program, the doctrines program, prophet Mohammad auto biography program, the Ethics program, the program of Al-Shaikh and the Student, under the shades of Quran program, Kind Hearted Works program, Scientific miracles in the Holy Quran program, the program of Islamic Children Education, the program of Family and Marriage Education and the Dictionary of Islamic Terminologies program.
The most important software is the comprehensive library, which contains information about the whole scientific encyclopedias as mentioned above. All these software are of great interest to the faculty students and all university students from all levels.
  1. To have access to the registration schedule.
  2. To have access to the list of courses and exams schedule.
  3. T o participate using the computer applications software.
The computerized library in the faculty of Al-Sharee’a and Islamic Studies is a unique and pioneering project in the Arab world

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